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About the Awards

The Earth Care Awards (ECAs) is a joint initiative of JSW and The Times of India group, The campaign highlights locally evolved climate friendly practices in the production and consumption regimes across multiple sectors with special reference to climate change and sustainability. It recognizes the actions, initiatives and innovations towards climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as adoption of climate-friendly renewable energies and practices, by communities, entrepreneurs, companies, enterprises by scale (small, medium and large) and leadership (women led climate actions). The award recognizes, verifies, and promotes the replicable initiatives and interventions on environment management, natural resource conservation, reduction in emissions, development of sustainable infrastructure, energy efficiency improvement, replenishment of depleting natural resources and, development and promotion of innovative eco-friendly alternatives across various sectors of the industry.

Award Categories

Community Based Environment Management (CBEM)

Innovation in Climate Action (ICA)

Enablers for Urban CentreClimate Change Management (EUC3M)

Environment SustainableBusinesses led Companies (ESBC)

Women-led ClimateAction Initiatives (WCAI)

Small, Medium and Large-ScaleEnterprises in the renewable energy space (SMLRE)

Knowledge Partner

Grant Thornton Bharat is a member of Grant Thornton International Ltd. It has over 4,500 people across 15 offices around the country, including major metros. Grant Thornton Bharat is at the forefront of helping reshape the values in our profession and in the process help shape a more vibrant Indian economy. Grant Thornton Bharat aims to be the most promoted firm in providing robust compliance services to dynamic Indian global companies and to help them navigate the challenges of growth as they globalise. Firm’s proactive teams, led by accessible and approachable partners, use insights, experience and instinct to understand complex issues for privately owned, publicly listed and public sector clients, and help them find growth solutions.

Outreach Partner

The India Climate Collaborative (ICC) is a first-of-its-kind, India-led and India-focused collective working to accelerate climate action in the country. Founded by some of India’s pre-eminent corporate and philanthropic leaders, we work to increase funding to climate solutions, build strategic partnerships across the climate ecosystem, and enable scalable solutions in the realms of clean energy, water security, sustainable land use, air quality, and foundational climate work.

Previous Earth Care Awards Winners